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The STICK-IT Body Adhesive from YOFI Cosmetics

Having your pageant wardrobe fit perfectly through pageant week is a must since fit and style go a long way for scoring points during interview, fun fashion, swimsuit and evening gown competitions . STICK-IT will help keep everything in place as it’s meant to, helping you avoid missed points to help you capture the crown!

The STICK-IT Body Adhesive is an all new roll on adhesive for pageant wardrobe, everyday clothing, costumes, swimsuits, and accessories. STICK-IT is designed for dress straps, leotards, nylons, stockings, shoulder and cleavage areas or any accessory you need to stick.

Just roll on and STICK-IT .  It holds what you want where you want it.  Great for rhinestones.

Do you hate when your body glue spills in your purse? Buy STICK-IT Body Adhesive and you stop dealing with messy purses!


Roll on, wait around 60 seconds to let it get tacky, then hold and press clothing onto skin.

Additional Information

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Washes off with soap and water or just a wet wipe.
  • Return Policy: This item can be returned within 7 business days of being received.
  • Questions? Shoot us an email at!
  • Ships within 3-7 business days!

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