KATHLEEN Pageant Earrings by The Headshot Collection




KATHLEEN Pageant Earrings by The Headshot Collection

The KATHLEEN pageant earrings is hand made by The Headshot Collection, an emerging jewelry brand in the pageant industry.

These earrings are HEAVY, they are not intended for long wear, they are intended for pageant Headshot, or pageant stage wear.

They feature a stud backing, and rhinestone accents.

  • Brand: The Headshot Collection

About The Headshot Collection

The Headshot Collection was inspired by pageantry. After shopping for several pageants worth of wardrobe, myself and my coworkers found ourselves frustrated when it came to finding big, bold, sparkling pageant jewelry. As any queen knows, your accessories can be what pulls together any crowning outfit. The Collection started with hand making our own personal earrings for ourselves, and through word of mouth and the internet, our collection spread to others in the pageant industry who shared a love for our pieces. Although our collection is handmade, we work hard to present each piece with quality, while maintaining an affordable price.

Our materials are purchased wholesale from non child labor manufactures in Indonesia and assembled in the USA. Our materials include crystal, AB Stones, silver, alloys, soldering, epoxy, and butane torch.



Blue, Black, Red, Pink and Multi Stone, Purple