Pageant Nomination Plaque


Excellent way to show appreciation to an awardee.


Did you receive a Nomination for one of Pageant Planet’s “Best in Pageantry” Awards? Through this customizable plaque you can memorialize your legendary year in pageantry by getting your name and award engraved on a plaque that you can use for marketing and promotional purposes inside of your business, office, on your social media or even for your own personal enjoyment in your trophy room next to your crown 🙂

All plaques need to be ordered by Friday, March 31st by 5pm EST will have your name or company name and the award that you won (i.e. Top 10 Best _____ ) and Pageant Planet’s logo to add credibility to your award.

Upon purchase you will receive an email from us requesting the name that you would like to appear on the award and the award that you would like engraved on the plaque. After verifying your achievement we will create your custom award and ship it to you for free!

Congratulations again!

Have questions? Email,, for immediate help!